Supply Chain Management Start-Ups

Np-online also has a team that specially works with new startup companies who need to turn “ideas” and “visions” into reality.


NP Online can help startups scale globally by providing support on key hardware issues like manufacturing and distribution.


NP Online works with hardware startups by offering them a one stop shop by providing help to get from:

Concept -> Designing for Mass production to prototype (making your prototypes producible) -> Choosing/Qualify CMs (out of the 100s)->Manufacture final product -> Getting their products into consumer hands.


Our experienced team of people who have many years of industry experience and, can help startups avoid mistakes and save them time!


We will:

  • Manage and execute from Concept Idea – Brainstorm to Prototype into Final Product
  • Our main aim is to help provide total customer satisfaction in serving start-ups companies
  • We aim to help to deliver high quality products and services
  • Also provides competitive cost of ownership to the start-ups
  • Above is the brief overview of how we will assist the start-ups companies from conceptualizing ideas to the finished products